Your First Visit

Your first visit to the office will consist of a comprehensive exam that will last roughly 75 -90 minutes.

During this visit Dr. Simpson will review your medical and dental history and ask you about your oral health goals. From there he will perform a very detailed examination of your teeth, gum tissues, oral soft tissues (checking for things like oral cancer), your jaw joints and muscles, and your bite. This first visit may include taking of any necessary x-rays (x-rays are taken only as needed and are patient specific- you will be advised of which ones are deemed appropriate and why), and possibly photographs and impression of your teeth for subsequent study and analysis. This examination is extremely thorough and it gives you the opportunity to get a good understanding of your current dental health.

You will NOT get a cleaning at this first visit. Everyone’s mouth is slightly different and it is not possible to determine exactly how much time to allocate for the dental hygienist to clean your teeth until you have had this comprehensive examination. Some people might require just 45 minutes for a cleaning and others much more than that.

First Visit

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